PSEB 12th Class Sociology Book Solutions Guide in Punjabi English Medium

Punjab State Board Syllabus PSEB 12th Class Sociology Book Solutions Guide Pdf in English Medium and Punjabi Medium are part of PSEB Solutions for Class 12.

PSEB 12th Class Sociology Guide | Sociology Guide for Class 12 PSEB

Sociology Guide for Class 12 PSEB | PSEB 12th Class Sociology Book Solutions

PSEB 12th Class Sociology Book Solutions in English Medium

Unit 1 Tribal, Rural and Urban Society in India

Unit 2 Inequalities in Indian Society

Unit 3 Structural and Cultural Change in India

Unit 4 Social Problems in Indian Society

PSEB 12th Class Sociology Book Solutions in Hindi Medium

Unit-I भारत में जनजातीय, ग्रामीण तथा नगरीय समाज

Unit-II भारतीय समाज में असमानताएं

Unit-III भारत में संरचनात्मक तथा सांस्कृतिक परिवर्तन

Unit-IV भारतीय समाज में सामाजिक समस्याएं

PSEB 12th Class Sociology Syllabus

Unit I: Tribal, Rural and Urban Societies in India

1. Tribal Society: Meaning, Features; Classification of Tribes;
Marriage System; Issues- Deforestation and Displacement; Changes in Tribal Society.
2. Rural Society: Meaning, Features; Issues – Indebtedness, Impact of Green Revolution; Changes in Rural Society.
3. Urban Society: Meaning, Features; Issues of Housing and Slums.

Unit II: Inequalities in Indian Society

4. Caste Inequalities: Concept, Features; Caste and Social Stratification, Theories of Origin of Caste, Caste Inequality, and Indian Society.
5. Class Inequalities: Concept of class, Features of Class; Relations between caste, class, status Group and class Hierarchy, Views of Sociologists on class structure, Classes in Rural and Urban India.
6. Gender Inequalities: Concept, Gender Inequality, Theories of Feminism, Gender; Gender Discrimination: Meaning and Nature; Problems of Women, Role of Gender relation in Societal Development.

Unit III: Structural and Cultural Change in India

7. Westernisation and Sankritisation: Westernisation: Meaning, Carrier of process, Features, Impact: Sanskritisation: Meaning, Sanskritisation preferred as against Brahminisation, Dominant Caste, Impact.
8. Modernisation and Globalisation: Modernisation: Meaning, Characteristic, Process of Modernisation, Causes, Impact: Globalisation: Meaning, Characteristics, Process of globalization, Causes, Impact.
9. Social Movement: Meaning, Types, Stages, Caste Based Movements, Class-Based Movements, Women’s movements, environmental movements.

Unit IV: Social Problems in Indian Society

10. Social Problems: Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
11. Violence Against Women: Female Foeticide and Domestic Violence: Female Foeticide: Meaning, India Scenario, Causes, Consequences, Strategies to Combat Female Foeticide; Domestic Violence – Meaning, Forms, Factors, Causes, Effects, Remedies.
12. Social Issues: The Age and Disability: The Aged: Theories, Problems, Remedial Measures: Disability – Definition, Magnitude of Disability, Types, Causes, Social Model, Problems, Measures.

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