Gymnastics Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Gymnastics Game Rules.

Gymnastics Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Gymnastics is an ancient sports in 2600 BC. Gymnastics exercises used to be performed in China but the actual development started in Greece and Rome. The word ‘Gymnastics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Gymnos’ which means “Naked body”, actually exercises done by naked body is called Gymnastics. These exercises used to be performed to keep the body healthy.

The Greek laid down the great emphasis on Gymnastics. The spartans were very popular in providing Gymnastics training for their youth. Boys and girls were expected to be good Gymnastics in those days. With the fall of both civilizations i.e. Greek and Roman, Gymnastics disappeared from these civilizations.

The Great Grandfather of Gymnastics John Guts Muths introduced Gymnastics in the Persian schools. In this way Germany rediscovered Gymnastics and owing to that the International Gymnastics Federation was constituted in 1881. In 1884 the first Gymnastics competition was conducted in Modem Olympics which were held in Athens in 1896.

Gymnastics for men was included but later on Gymnastics for women was included in 1928 Olympic games in 1974. In Asian games which were held in Tehran, Gymnastics was made one of the sports. The first world cup of Gymnastics was held in 1975. In these days Gymnastics is an attractive, fascinating and very popular sport.

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Latest General Rules of Gymnastics

1. Men compete in six events

  • floor exercises
  • vaulting horse.
  • Pommelled horse
  • Roman Rings
  • Horizontal bars and parallel bars. Women compete in four events i.e. vaulting horse, uneven bars, balancing beam and floor exercises.

2. Gymnasts present themselves to a Judge before and after their event. They start their exercise when the signal is given to them. If during the exercise they fall, they have 30 seconds to remount and continue.

3. Regarding team competition, size Gymnastics of each perform is compulsory and an optional exercise on each apparatus. The five highest scores are added to give the team total.

4. A gymnast must wear proper kit. He may wear bandages or socks. He/She must starts the exercise within 30 seconds. When the signal is given by a coach another gymnast may assist a gymnast into hanging position on horizontal bar and Roman Rings.

Question 1.
Write about the Sports Equipment of Gymnastics.
Specification of Playfield and related Sports Equipment

(A) Equipment for men
1. Floor = 12 M × 12 M
2. Parallel Bars

Length of bars = 3500 m.m.
Width of bars = 420-520 m.m.
Height of bars = 1750 m.m.

Gymnastics image 1

3. Horizontal Bar

Diameter of Bar = 28 m.m.
Length of Bar = 2400 m.m.
Height of Bar = 2550 to 2700 m.m.
Diameter of uprights = 50-60 m.m.
Diameter of Tension work = 5.6 m.m.

Gymnastics image 2

4. Pommel Horse

Length of Pommel Horse = 1600 m.m.
Width of Pommel Horse = 350 m.m.
Height from the floor = 1100 m
Height of Pommel = 120 m.m.
Distance between Pommel = 400-450 m.m.

Gymnastics image 3

5. Roman Rings

Diameter (Grip) = 28 m.m.
Height of stand from floor = 5500 m.m.
Length of leather straps = 700 m.m.
Thickness = 4 m.m.
Inside diameter of Ring = 180 m.m.
Height of the rings from floor = 2500 m.m.
Width = 35 m.m.

Gymnastics image 4

6. Vaulting Horse

Height of vaulting horse = 1350 m.m.
Adjustable steps in the intervals = 50 m.m.
Length = 1600 m.m.

Gymnastics image 5

(B) Equipment of Women

1. Floor = 12 m × 12 m
2. Vaulting Horse
Height of Vaulting Horse = 1250 m.m.
Adjustable steps in the Intervals = 100-150 m.m.
Length = 1600 m.m.

3. Balancing Beam

Length of Beam = 5000 m.m.
Width of Beam = 100 m.m.
Height of Beam = 1200 m.m.
Adjustable = 700 – 1200 m.m.

Gymnastics image 6

4. Uneven bars

Length of uneven bars = 2400 m.m.
Height of the bars from floor = 2300 m.m. and 1500 m.m.
Distance between bars = 580-900 m.m.
Diameter of uprights = 50-60 m.m.
Thickness of uprights = 30 m.m.

Gymnastics image 7
Gymnastics image 8

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Tournaments

  1. Olympic Games
  2. Asian Games
  3. World Cup
  4. All India Inter-University Gymnastics Championship
  5. National Championship
  6. Federation Cup
  7. School National
  8. China Cup

Sports Personalities

Indian Sports Personalities

  1. Sham Lai
  2. Km Kripali Patel
  3. Dr. Kalpana Debnalt
  4. Montar Debnalt
  5. Anju Dua
  6. Sunita Sharma

International Sports Personalities

  1. Olga Korbut
  2. Nadia Comaneci
  3. Nelli Kim
  4. Ludmilla Tourscheva
  5. Dov. Lupi
  6. Karin Janz
  7. Elvra Saadi

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
Describe the fundamental skills of Gymnastics?
Fundamental Skills of Gymnastics For Men

(A) Parallel Bars

  1. Up start
  2. Front start
  3. Shoulder stand
  4. Hand stand
  5. Hand stand with 180° Turn
  6. Hand stand to Front turn on the shoulder
  7. Backward Roll 8. Hand stand to cast wheel

(B) Horizontal Bar

  1. Up start with over grip
  2. Up start with under grip
  3. Short circle
  4. One leg circle with heel foot
  5. Heel foot
  6. Swing through vault

(C) Pommelled Horse

  1. Front Support Position
  2. Single Leg Half Circle
  3. Double Leg Half Circle
  4. Front Scissors

(D) Roman Rings

  1. Up start
  2. Back circle to back hang
  3. Muscle up
  4. Back level
  5. Back uprise
  6. Dislocation
  7. Back uprise with L-position.

(E) Vaulting Horse

  1. Straddle vault
  2. Squat vault
  3. Cast wheel
  4. Hand stand with cast wheel
  5. Hand spring.

(F) Floor Exercises

  1. Forward Roll to Hand stand
  2. Backward Roll to Hand stand
  3. Forward Roll to Head spring
  4. Hand spring to Dive Roll
  5. Round off to Flick Flak
  6. One Leg Hand Spring
  7. Hand stand to Forward Roll with straight legs

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Fundamental Skills of Gymnastics For Women

(A) Balancing Beam

  1. Gallop step with Balance
  2. Scissors Jump
  3. Forward Roll
  4. Backward Roll
  5. Cast wheel
  6. Bridge
  7. Balance
  8. Dismount

(B) Vaulting Horse

  1. Spit vault
  2. Hand spring
  3. Squat vault

(C) Uneven Bars

  1. Swing on Upper Bar
  2. Back uprise
  3. One Leg Forward Circle
  4. One Leg Backward Circle
  5. Cross Balancing
  6. Hand Spring.

(D) Floor Exercises

  1. Forward Roll to Hand stand
  2. Backward Roll to Hand stand
  3. Round off
  4. Slow back Hand spring
  5. Split Sitting
  6. Slow Hand spring
  7. Hand spring
  8. Head spring

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Points In Gymnastics

For each gymnastic exercise, there are points from 0 to 10, and each point is sub-divided into 10 parts. If the panel of the judges is of five members, the minimum and maximum points are not considered, and an average of mid three points is taken. If the panel is composed of three judges, the marks of three are taken for average.

The following points are important so far as decisions are concerned:

  1. Five or at least three judges are kept till the end of each event of the competition. One of these judges is considered to be Chief Judge.
  2. The judges make an assessment of the feats of other players on the basis of the feats of the first players on eveiy apparatus. They also consult one another for exercises so that there may be a common base of assessment.
  3. Thereafter, they decide independently and do not consult one another except in very special circumstances.
  4. The result shall be decided from the average of points awarded by three judges.
  5. If there is difference in the points awarded by two judges, the points of Chief Judge are also considered.
  6. It is the duty of the Chief Judge to make a compromise between the other two judges in case of dispute. If the other Judges do not reach a compromise, the Chief Judge shall declare his verdict.

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 3.
Write brief Rules of Gymnastics?
General Rules of Gymnastics

  1. Each team consists of 6 players. Each player participates in all events. For team championship, the performance of the best five players is taken into account.
  2. The substitution of players during the competition is not allowed.
  3. The judges of events and teams should reach the ground in time.
  4. If a player meets with an accident or falls ill, the captain should immediately call the doctor and get his advice.
  5. The game may be stopped for half an hour so that the same player recovers and joins the team. If his condition does not improve, he is removed from the game and the game restarts.
  6. Team competitions shall be held in two parts-first for compulsory exercises and second for optional exercises.
  7. The duration of these competitions shall be determined beforehand, and the competitions shall be held according to the fixed schedule.
  8. Only those players, who have taken part in all events of the team competition, are allowed to participate in the final.
  9. Only members of the jury, contestants and their technical managers, secretaries, members of the watch and ward staff looking after the equipment and playground are allowed to be present at the place of competitions.
  10. Each player is entitled for two attempts on Long-Horse vault. The best performance shall be credited.
  11. Optional or voluntary exercises cannot be repeated on any apparatus.
  12. No team can use its own apparatus. It is the duty of the organisers to arrange for the apparatus.
  13. The organisers are to arrange for the apparatus,
  14. If there is difference in the points awarded by judges, the verdict of the Chief Judge shall be considered.
  15. Each player is given two tries (chances) during the competition. If he does not touch vaulting horse or Beam Balance, he is given another chance. But if he touches any of these, a foul is awarded.
  16. There can be no substitution of players during the play.

Points to Remember

  1. For each gymnastic exercise, there are points for 0 to 10, and each point is further divided into ten parts.
  2. The decision of the jury is final. No appeal can be made against it.
  3. A team participating in a gymnastic contest is composed of 6 players. The team participating in School Mini National Games is, however, composed of 6 players.
  4. Players cannot be substituted after the competition has started.
  5. Only those players, who have taken part in all events of team competition, can participate in the final.
  6. If a player gets hurt or feels sick during competition, his team can wait for thirty minutes for his condition to improve.
  7. If a player leaves the team without the permission of the jury, he will not be allowed to rejoin it.
  8. For team championship, the performance of the best five players is considered.

Gymnastics Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Information About the Gymnastics Game

  1. Number of players in Gymnastics = 8
  2. Substitution is allowed or not = no substitution
  3. Decision of the jury = Final
  4. Time for waiting of player = 30 minutes
  5. A player can whether = no leave the court or not
  6. To decide the woman the number of players are wanted = 6 players
  7. Points are given = 0 to ten
  8. Officials for competition = Three to five
  9. Competition for boys =
    • Parallel bar
    • Vaulting horse
    • Ground Gymnastic
    • Horizontal Bar
    • Roman Ring
    • Pommel horse
  10. Competition for girls =
    • Beam Balance
    • Ground Gym
    • Uneven Bar
    • Vaulting horse

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