Dumbbell Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Dumbbell Game Rules.

Dumbbell Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
What are Dumbbells? Write about its types.
Dumbbell is an ancient Indian method of exercise, which can be performed indoor or outdoor.
Dumbbell is of two types-
(1) Iron Dumbbell
(2) Wooden Dumbbell: The dumbbell is very thick and heavy and in the middle, it is very thin. Hold the handle and struck them with each other, so the voice 1 may be produced. In this exercise position one, position two, position three and positions are performed.
Dumbbell Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 1
2. Body position while doing dumbbell:
The ankle should close and the finger should be open, knee and leg should be straight. The shoulder keeping backward and chest should be straight’ while doing, dumbbell from rest position to attention position and attention to rest position catch the dumbbell in both hands. The leader command the attention position, on the direction of the leader, student acquire the attention position, while folding the dumbbell v both hands and raising the hand upward.

Dumbbell Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Bend the dumbbell towards the elbow and bring the dumbbell from left hand to right hand. When the dumbbell meet each other, the noise is created, after this the leader in other vishram position. Student raise his right hand and keeping the dumbbell near the earth and make the noise. They will bring both dumbbell at the back and make the noise together. After this, on order of attention, the student should bend the elbow and strike the dumbbell with each other.

In this position, acquire the attention position. The ankle should be meet each other and finger should be spread out. In this way, noise created by striking each other. Second position is changed from first position, keeping both the hand straight in front of the body.

The palm should be pointed towards the earth, in the position dumbbell strick again. After coming third position is changed. From third position we gained first position. In this position, the palm of the hand should be upward, bring the hand near the chin and strike dumbbell each other and remain the attention position.

The exercise should be performed by counting sixteen. In exercise, there are four positions-

  1. First Position
  2. Second Position
  3. Third Position
  4. Fourth Position.

1. First Position:
In first position, student will remain in attention position. By folding raise the hand upward and bring the hand near the chin. In this position, palm and the dumbbell strike with each other.

2. Second Position:
In second position, this position is very mentioning. The arm should bring downward from upward and bring the arm backward. In this position, again dumbbell is strike with each other.

Dumbbell Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

3. Third Position:
In third position, hand should be moved, after straight the both hands, the elbow should be near the body, again in this position dumbbell strike.

4. Fourth Position:
In fourth position, student came in attention position and bring the both hands with dumbbell near the body.

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