Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman  Game Rules.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Mention the wrestling weight categories of men, Women and junior.
Above 20 Years-

Senior Men Senior Women
First Group 48-54 K.G. 41-46 KG.
Second Group 58 KG. 51 KG.
Third Group 63 K.G. 56 KG.
Fourth Group 69 K.G. 62 KG.
Fifth Group 76 K.G. 68 KG.
Sixth Group 85 K.G. 68-75’KG.
Seventh Group 97 K.G.
Eighth Group 97-130 K.G.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

From 17 years to 20 years old:

Junior Boys Junior Girls
First Group 46-49 KG. 40-43 KG.
Second Group 52 KG. 46 KG.
Third Group 56 KG. 50 KG.
Fourth Group 60 KG. 54 KG.
Fifth Group 65 K.G. 58 KG.
Sixth Group 70 KG. 63 KG.
Seventh Group 76 KG. 68 KG.
Eighth Group 83 KG. 68-75 KG.
Ninth Group 90 KG.
Tenth Group 90-115 KG.

From 15 years to 16 years:

Sub Junior Boys Sub Junior Girls
First Group 39-42 K.G. 36-38 KG.
Second Group 45 KG. 40 KG.
Third Group 48 K.G. 43 KG.
Fourth Group 52 K.G. 46 KG.
Fifth Group 57 KG. 49 KG.
Sixth Group 63 KG. 52 KG.
Seventh Group 69 KG 56 KG.
Eighth Group 76 KG. 60 KG.
Ninth Group 83 KG. 65 KG.
Tenth Group 83-95 KG. 65-75 KG.

From 13 years to 14 years old:

Sub Junior Boys Sub Junior Girls
First Group 29-32 KG. 20-30 KG.
Second Group 35 KG. 32 KG.
Third Group 38 KG. 34 KG.
Fourth Group 42 KG. 37 KG.
Fifth Group 48 KG. 40 KG.
Sixth Group 54 KG. 44 KG.
Seventh Group 58 KG. 48 KG.
Eighth Group 66 KG. 52 KG.
Ninth Group 71 KG 57 KG.
Tenth Group 71-85 KG 57-62 KG.

Every participants will take part according to his own body weight.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
Discuss the rules of weighing and pairing of competitors.
Rules for Weighing and Pairing of Competitors:
Weighing of the Competitors-

  • Weighing of competitors shall begin two to four hours before the wrestling competition begins.
  • The competitors shall be weighed without clothes. They shall be medically examined by a doctor before they are weighed. The doctor will remove any player suffering from any contagious disease.
    Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 1
  • Each contestant can participate in wrestling with a player belonging to his weight-group.
  • The competitors should be in a perfect physical condition. Their nails should be well pared. They shall be checked at the time of medical examination.
  • Weighing shall start at least two hours before the competition and must conclude an hour before the first wrestling bout.
  • Before the completion of weighing, a contestant may stand any time on the weighing machine for recording his weight, but he should not be out of turn.

Pairing-off by drawing lots:
In each bout all the players shall be included by draw of lots. Those contestants whose lots follow one after the other shall wrestle in the first round. If the wrestler bears odd numbers, the wrestler who scores more marks shall enter the bye of the next round without marking the penalty. The “right to bye can be got only by lot. In making pairs for the second round, the topmost name of the list is paired with the second next to him but this is done in case they have not wrestled before. If, while making pairs, two contestants figure together in the same place, they shall wrestle with each other in the first round.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 3.
What type of dress should a wrestler wear? Mention the duration of wrestling bout.
Costume of wrestlers, Mat, Start and Duration of Wrestling.
Stoppage of Wrestling Bout, End of Bout-
The wrestlers shall enter the arena in a one-piece jersey, banian or ‘jangia’ (red or blue) beneath which they shall wear a jock strap. They will wear costumes which fit their body very well, and is not loose. They will wear sports shoes firmly closing the anklets. The use of light knee guards is allowed. A contestant shall be closely shaved or with a beard of many months growth.

The contestants cannot use oil or any other greasy substance on their bodies. Their bodies should not be wet with perspiration. The use of rings, bracelets, shoes with buttons and any other such thing which may harm or hurt a player is prohibited. Every contestant should have his own handkerchief.

The mat at all international matches should be 9 metres in circle (with a radius of 4.50 m.), and from its other ring a ring of 50 cms. is drawn. This place is marked with red colour. It should be fixed on a platform, 1.10. metre in height. The ends of the mat should have red or blue comers, and there should be a circle of 1 metre in the middle.

Start Of Wrestling Bout And Its Duration:

  • The duration of each bout is of 6 minutes. It is divided into two periods of 3 minutes each. A rest of 1 minute is given after the first three minute bout.
  • The bout shall continue until a player falls down, otherwise it shall continue for 6 minutes.
  • If a player does not»enter the mat after five minutes of call, he shall be considered defeated and turned out of the competition.
  • The wrestling bout shall start, interrupt or end on the whistle of the referee.

End of the Bout-
The end of the bout is indicated by the ringing of gong by the time keeper. The referee, too, blows his whittle as a signal for the end of the bout. If the referee does not hear the gong, the Mat chairman interferes immediately and get the bout closed. No act is considered valid in between the sound of gong and the referee’s whistle.

The two contestants stand on either side of referee to receive, the decision. The Mat chairman declares the winner by raising the winner’s colour. Thereafter, the winner’s arm is raised by the referee. If there is a tie, the arms of both players are raised. No contestant shall loosen the straps of his dress before the decision is given.

Question 4.
What are the foul holds in wrestling ?
The following fouls are taken into consideration-

  • Pulling of hair, ears, dress, private organs, etc.
  • Twisting of fingers, grasping of the throat and other holds which may be life-endangering.
  • Holding in such a manner as may put the opponent’s life in danger, or may hurt any of his body part, or cause him pain so that the opponent helplessly leaves the bout.
  • Treading on the feet of the rival.
  • Touching the face of the opponent (from the eye-brows to the chin).
  • Grasping the opponent by throat.
  • Lifting the rival when he is in bridge position, and then throwing him on the mat.
  • Breaking the bridge by giving a push from the head.
  • Twisting the opponent’s arm at above 90° angle.
  • Grasping the opponent’s head with both hands.
  • Thrusting the elbow or knee into the abdomen or stomach of the rival.
  • Turning the opponent’s arm to the back the pressing it.
  • Grasping the opponent’s head in any manner.
  • Applying leg-scissors on the body or head.
  • Holding on to the mat.
  • Talking to each other and making dangerous assault.
  • Cautions:

Precautions may be taken in the following conditions :
(a) Permanent obstacles
(b) Foul holds
(c) Indiscipline at the time of bout
(d) Breach of rules-

  • These precautions shall be taken into account along with other fouls of the bout.
  • A player may be declared defeated after he has been warned, thrice.
  • A player, in case of major offence, may be removed from the bout.


  1. Lying in abdomen position.
  2. Going out of the mat knowingly.
  3. Holding of both the hands of the opponent so that he may not play.
  4. A player may be given warning if he goes out of the mat.

Stoppage of Bout:
A bout may be suspended for five minutes at the most because of a bleeding nose, headlong fall or any acceptable reason. This obstacle in one or two bouts may be of maximum 5 minutes for each contestant.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 5.
Describe the officials for the conduct of wrestling. How is victory or defeat decided in wrestling ?
(a) One Point:

  • to a player who throws a rival on the mat and maintains control over him,
  • to that player who rises from beneath and maintains his hold on his opponent,
  • to a player who makes a good grasp and does not allow his opponent’s head and shoulder to touch the mat,
  • for one precaution the opponent gets one point.

Two Points:

  • to that player who keeps good hold on his opponent and maintains his hold on him for some time
  • to that player whose opponent immediately falls or falteringly falls.
    Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 1

(c) Three Points:

  • to a player who keeps his opponent in danger (when shoulders make an angle of less than 90° from the mat) for five seconds,
  • bridge position for three seconds or fall takes five seconds.

When there is a difference of less than one point in or the score of the opposite players, the match ends in a draw. Again, if no contestant scores any point, or the points are equal, the match ends in a draw. If the difference is more than one point, a player 1 with more points is declared the winner.


  • For full fall it is sufficient if the shoulder of the wrestler touches that mat.
  • The fall shall be considered if the referee raises no objection.
  • For proper fall on the edge of the mat the head and shoulders of the contestant shall touch the limits of mat.

Winning by Points:
If there is no foul within six minutes, the decision is made by points. The player scoring higher points shall be the winner.
Rules for Final-

  • The final match is played among three wrestlers.
  • The players who have scored 6 penalty marks cannot take part in the final match.
  • When the three players with less than 6 penalty marks reach the final, the points scored by them are nullified.
  • If those players have already competed, the former penalty marks are counted in the final.
  • The penalty marks of the contestants in the final must be kept in view.
  • If each of the three contestants has already scored 6 points, they will forfeit their points as mentioned above.
  • If the three contestants of the final have already scored 6 points each, he shall be awarded the third position and the remaining two shall wrestle for first position.
  • The player who scores minimum penalty point in the last three bouts shall be the winner.
  • If the penalty points of the finalists are equal, the decision is made keeping in views the following:
    • The victory scored on points.
    • The number of points being equal.
    • The number of fouls.
    • In case of tie, the player with minimum warnings is declared the winner.
    • If there is still a tie, both the players are declared equal.

There are three officials in all types of wrestling matches:

  • Mat Chairman
  • Referee
  • Judge

No official can be changed during the wrestling.

Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Information about the Wrestling-Free Style And Greeco Roman Game

  • Shape of the mat of wrestling = Round
  • Size of mat = 4.50 m Radius
  • Colour of Round = Red
  • Height of Mats from platform = 1.10 meter
  • Colour of the Corner = Red and Blue
  • Duration of Bout = 6 minutes, 2-2-2 minutes (three half)
  • Total weight for men = 9
  • Total weight for women = 7
  • Total weight for Junior = 10
  • Officials for wrestling= One mat chairman,Two referees, Three Judges
  • Rest after bout =30 seconds
  • Undisturb area around the mat = 1.50 meter
  • The player who is to play in a wrestling competition should be perfectly healthy. He should not be suffering
    from any infectious disease.
  • The competitors of wrestling should have well-pared nails. They
  • The duration of this game is 6 minutes.
  • It is a foul to pull the hair, flesh, ear or private organs of an opposing player in a game of wrestling.
  • By raising the colour of the winning team the Head of the match declares the winner.
  • The player who has been warned thrice by the referee is considered defeated.
  • The competitor cannot wear iron bracelet or ring, etc.
  • The player who competes in wrestling should have a cut beard or have a fresh shave.
  • No official conducting the game can be changed during the play.

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