Kho-Kho Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Kho-Kho Game Rules.

Kho-Kho Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Discuss the playground of the Kho-Kho Chasers, Runners, To take a direction, To Turn the face, Returning, Lona?
The size of the Kho-Kho playground is rectangular. It is 29 metres long and 16 metres wide. There are two rectangles at the fend of the playground. One side of the rectangle is 15 m. and the other side is 2.75 m. In the middle of these rectangles, there are two wooden poles.

The central lane is 2.10 m. long and 30 cm. wide. There are eight small squares, 30 × 30 cms., on this lane. The height of each pole from the ground is 1.20 cms. A line is drawn towards the width of each pole. Eight lanes are drawn parallel to this line. Each lane is 15 m. in length and 30 cm. in width. This lane is divided into two equal parts, each of 7.10 m, by the central lane.kho-kho image 1

The thickness of each line is 2 cms. Each lane is 2.10 m. long Each outside lane and pole line are 2.25 metres from each other Each pole line is farther from outside boundary by 2.70 metres. There is a lobby 3 metre wide along the four sides of the playground.


1. Posts:
Two posts are fixed at the end of the central lane. Thej are 1.20 cms. high above the ground. Their circumference cannot be less than 30 cms and not more than 40 cms.

2. Central Lane:
There is a central lane in between two poles. It is 21.60 m. long and 30 cm wide.

3. Cross Lane:
Each rectangle is 15 m. long and 30 cm. wide. It crosses the central lane at right angles (90°). It is itself divided into two halves. It is called cross-lane.

4. Square:
The area, 30 cm. × 30 cm., made by the intersection of the central lane and cross lane is called square.

5. The Line of the Post:
The line that goes to the centre of the post, parallel to cross lanes, is known as the line of the post.

6. Rectangle:
The area which is outside the line of post is known as rectangle.
kho-kho image 2

7. Limits:
The lines on both sides and at a distance gf 7.30 m. from the central line, and parallel to it, are called limits.

8. Chasers:
The players who sit in the squares are called chasers. A player who actively pursues the players of the rival team is termed an active chaser.

9. Runners:
The players of the opposite side other than those of chasers are called runners.

10. To give Kho:
In order to give good Kho, an active chaser should touch the sitting chaser from behind, uttering clearly and loudly the word “Kho”. The action of touching and uttering of the word “Who” should be done simultaneously.

11. Foul:
If a sitting or active chaser breaks any rule, that is called a foul.

12. To take a Direction:
The taking of direction is to go from one post to another post.

13. To turn the Face:
At a time when an active chaser, going in a particular direction, turns his or her shoulders at 90°, he or she is said to have turned the face. It is a foul.

14. Returning:
When the active chaser, going in a particular direction, changes his direction to the opposite, he or she is said to have returned or receded. This is also a foul.

15. To Leave the Post Line:
When an active chaser leaves hold of a post, and leaves the rectangle or goes beyond it, such actions are known as leaving the post line.

16. Foot Out:
When a runner’s feet touch the ground outside the limits, it is called Foot-out, and the runner is out.

17. Lona:
When all runners are out within 7 minutes, the chaser will mark “Lona” against the runners. But no point is awarded for “Lona.”

How to begin the Play:
The game of Kho-Kho is started with a toss. The toss winning captain of the team shall decide to touch or be touched, and inform the referee about his decision. The players who sit are called chasers. The opposing players of the chasers are known as runners. Except one chaser, all the chasers sit in such a way that no two adjacent chasers face the same side. At the start of the game, the ninth chaser stands near a pole. When the referee whistles, the action of touching begins.

Kho-Kho Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
Discuss the rules in the Kho-Kho game?
Rules Of The Play

  1. No part of an active chaser’s body should touch the ground of the central lane. Moreover, he cannot cross the central lane by jumping from within the posts.
  2. The playfield shall be marked as shown in the diagram.
  3. The decision to be a chaser or a runner is made by toss.
  4. If a Kho is to be given, it shall have to be given from behind to a sitting chaser. Without having received the Kho, the chaser cannot get up. The active chaser shall not give Kho by touching the extended arm or leg of the sitting chaser. If the chaser breaks Rule no. 1 and 2, the referee shall award a foul.
  5. After having played, the active chaser takes the plac§ of the sitting chaser whom he has given the ‘Kho’.
  6. After taking the Kho the running chaser shall go in the direction which goes to the central lane.
  7. Until the utters ‘Kho’ to any sitting chaser, he can come only by crossing through the opposite side of the central lane above the pole.
  8. The face of the runner should be towards the direction of running.
  9. The chaser should sit in such a way that he does not obstruct the runners. If a runner is out because of any such obstruction, he shall be declared out.
  10. The active chaser can’ come out of the limit. But he will have to follow the rules regarding taking direction and turning the face, etc.
  11. After having taken the direction, the active chaser can attack again in the cross line, and it shall not be considered a foul.
  12. The runner cannot touch a sitting chaser. If he does so, he is given warning once. If he does so even after the warning, he is declared out.
  13. If the runner goes out of court, he shall be deemed to be out.
  14. If the runner is touched by a chaser, he shall be considered out.
  15. The rules regarding taking direction and changing direction shall not be applicable in the rectangular area.

Question 3.
Discuss the rules of the match in the Kho-Kho game?
Rules About the Match

1. Each team shall have 9 members with 3 extras.

2. Each innings shall Mve four running and chasing turns which shall be of 7-7 minute duration. The two innings are for touching, and two for running.

3. Before the start of the match the captains of both teams shall decide about the turn of chasers or runners by toss.

4. Runners, in order of playing, shall get their names recorded with the scorer. At the beginning of a turn, the first three players shall be within the limit. When these three players are out, the next three shall succeed them before the kho is given. The players who fail to enter within that period shall be out. The players who enter out of turn shall also be declared out. This process will continue until the end of the term. The active chaser who has removed the third runner shall not pursue the newly entered runner. He will give Kho. The runners of each team shall enter the field from one side only.

5. The chaser and the runner have the option to end the turn before the given time. The captain of the runner or chaser team shall inform about his decision to the referee, and shall request the referee to declare the turn close. On such a request, the referee shall stop the game to end the turn. There shall be a rest of two minutes after this turn, and of five minutes in between two innings.

6. The chaser, on each runner’s being out, shall score one point. A ‘Lona’ is scored against all the runners who are out before time. Afterwards, that team sends its runners in the same turn. No extra point is given for scoring a Lona. The play shall continue in the same way until the close of the innings. The order of runners during the innings can be changed.

7. The team that scores more points at the end of a match in knock-out system is declared the winner. If the points are equal, one more innings is played. If again the points are equal, the Baker Rule 29 is used. In this condition, the players need not be the same.

In the league system, the winning team scores two points and the losing one scores zero point, and in case of a tie, each team is awarded one point. If in a league system, the league points are equal, the team or teams shall replay the game by lots. Such matches shall be played on knock-out system.

8. If due to any reason match is not completed, it shall be played at some other time, and the previous score shall not be counted. The match shall be replayed from the beginning.

9. If the points of a team are more than the points of the opposing team by 12 or more, the first team can ask the other team to follow on their innings as chasers. If the other team scores more points, it retains its right to be chasers.

10. If a player gets hurt during the play, he can be replaced by a substitute on the referee’s permission.

Kho-Kho Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 4.
Mention the number of officials conducting the game of Kho-Kho?
The following officials are appointed to conduct the match:

  1. Two Umpires
  2. One Referee
  3. One Time Keeper
  4. One Scorer

1. Umpire:
The umpire shall stand outside the lobby ground and shall supervise the match from the central lane. He shall give all decisions of his half, and shall help the other umpire to make correct decisions in the other half.

2. Referee:
There is only one referee in the game of Kho-Kho. His duties as referee are as follows:

  1. He shall help the umpire perform their duties. He shall give his own decision in case there is any difference between the umpires on an issue.
  2. A referee shall punish the defaulting player for his misbehaviour or for breaking the rules of the game.
  3. He is responsible for proper conduct of the game and match.
  4. At the end of innings he declares the score won by each team, and announces the result.

3. Time Keeper:
The duty of the time keeper is to record time. He signals the start and the end of the innings by blowing a whistle.

4. Scorer:
The scorer makes it certain that the players enter the field in accordance with the approved order. He keeps a record of the runners who are out. At the end of each term, he enters makes on the score sheet and prepares the score of the chasers. At the end of the match, he prepares the result and hands over the same to the referee for announcement.

Question 5.
Write down the score sheet of Kho-Kho game.
kho-kho image 3

Kho-Kho Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Information About the Kho-Kho Game

  • The length and breadth of ground for man = 29 × 16 m
  • The number of square in central line = 8
  • Size of the lobby = 16 × 2.75 meter
  • Distance of square from each line = 2.50 meter
  • Breadth and length of central line = 30 c.m. & 23.50 meter
  • Size of square = 30 × 30 c.m.
  • Number of players in a team = 9 players
  • Substitution of players = 3 players
  • Duration of the Kho-Kho match = 9-5-9 (9) 9-5-9 minutes
  • Inning of Kho-Kho match = 2
  • Sitting players in square are called = Chaser
  • Opponent of chaser = Runner
  • Duration of play for girls = 7-2-7 (5) 7-2-7 minutes
  • Official of the match = One referee, Two Umpire, One time keeper, One scorer
  • Height of the pole = 1.20 meter
  • The size of the Kho-Kho playground is rectangular. It is 29 metre long and 16 metre wide.
  • A Kho-Kho team includes 12 players, of which 9 players play and 3 players are substitutes.
  • The start of the game is by toss. The captain of the toss winning team decides to be a chaser or runner.
  • Except one chaser, all chasers sit on the squares in such a way that there are no two adjacent chasers facing the same side.
  • Kho should be given from behind to a sitting chaser.
  • Kho-Kho match consists of 2-2 innings. The team that scores more points in all the innings is declared the winner.
  • A player who gets injured or hurt during the play may be substituted by another player with the permission of the referee.
  • No part of an active chaser’s body should touch the central lane.
  • If the two teams score equal points, one more innings shall be played. If again the scores are equal, another innings is played.
  • A substitute comes in place of an injured player.
  • The duration of the game is 9-5-9, 7,9-5-9 minutes.

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