PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class English Book Solutions English Vocabulary Idioms Exercise Questions and Answers, Notes.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

I. Use the following idioms in sentences of your own :

1. Off and on
2. In the air
3. To come to light
4. Call it a day
5. In a nutshell
6. Early bird
7. To go to the dogs
8. Cry wolf
9. Down to earth
10. To end in smoke
11. Tooth and nail
12. Hat-trick
1. Off and on– Our principal addresses the students off and on
2. In the air — Corruption is in the air all over the country.
3. To come to light – Many strange facts came to light during course of enquiry.
4. Call it a day — It is very late now; we should call it a day.
5. In a nutshell – He explained everything to me in a nutshell.
6. Early bird — He is an early bird. He goes for a morning walk every day.
7. To go to the dogs — Without discipline, any organisation go to the dogs.
8. Cry wolf — Do not trust him. He is in the habit of crying wolf.
9. Down to earth — His down to earth proposal attracted immediate attention.
10. To end in smoke — All my efforts to reform him have ended in smoke
11. Tooth and nail — We shall oppose corruption tooth and nails
12. Hat-trick — Which Indian bowler performed a Hat-trick m the last World Cup?

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

II. Match the idioms in column A with their meanings in column B :

A — B
1. hard and fast — (a) in detail
2. ill at ease — (b) to happen
3. go up in flames — (c) to bribe
4. to lose face — (d) to blame
5. to foot the bill — (e) rigid
6. to find fault with — (f) uncomfortable
7. to grease the palm — (g) to pay the bill
8. to come to pass — (h) to be destroyed
9. on the cards — to lose prestige
10. at length : — (j) probable
1. — (e) 2. — (f) 3. — (h) 4. – (i) 5. — (g) 6. — (d) 7. —(C) 8. — (b) 9. (j) 10. — (a)

शब्दों के ऐसे समूह को idiom या मुहावरा कहा जाता है जिसका अर्थ उसके अलग-अलग शब्दों से स्पष्ट न हो, अपितु पूरे समूह को ही याद करना और उसके अर्थ को जानना होता हो। इस तरह के कुछ शब्द – समूह (idioms) नीचे दिए जा रहे है

1. Above board
This shopkeeper is above board in his dealings.

2. Adam’s ale
Adam’s ale is very necessary for good health.

3. An eyewash
This enquiry is only an eyewash; nothing will come out of it.

4. At par
Death treats the rich and the poor at par.

5. In the air
Terrorism is in the air all over the world.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

6. All in all
Our father is all in all in our family.

7. At a discount
They are selling everything at a discount.

8. Apple of one’s eye
The only son was the apple of his parents’ eye.

9. Apple of discord
Kashmir has become an apple of discord between India and Pakistan.

10. All Greek
He spoke in English which was all Greek to the villagers.

11. At a stretch
She can speak for hours at a stretch. At a low
Morality is at a low ebb these days.

13. As easy as ABC
Mathematics for me is not difficult. It is as easy as ABC.

14. Again and again
I have warned him again and again, but he does not care.

15. All of a sudden
He got up all of a sudden and left the room.

16. At large
Her killer is still at large.

17. At length
He talked about his problem at length.

18. Behind one’s back
You should not abuse him behind his back.

19. A bed of roses
Life is not a bed of roses for the poor.

20. Borrowed plums
Borrowed plums don’t make one rich in the real sense.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

21. Blue blood
Princess Diana was never proud of her blue blood.

22. A bosom friend
Is he your bosom friend ?

23. To beat about the bush
Do not beat about the bush; come to the point.

24. By virtue of
She got the job by virtue of her greater experience.

25. By leaps and bounds
Our school is progressing by leaps and bounds under the present principal.

26. On the cards
It is on the cards that Indian cricket team will win the World Cup this time.

27. To carry the day
Indian team carried the day against Pakistani team.

28. A cat and dog life
He has been living a cat and dog life with his wife.

29. To call a spade a spade
I have no fear and always call a spade a spade.

30. A clean state
After her divorce she started her life with a clean state.

31. A close shave
They had a close shave in the car accident last night.

32. A cock and bull story
He made up a cock and bull story for being absent.

33. To come to light
During the enquiry, many new facts have come to light.

34. To come to pass
All that you told me has come to pass.

35. Crocodile tears
The wicked wife shed crocodile tears over the death of her husband.

36. Call it a day
After playing for his country for ten years, he decided to call it a day.

37. Call the shots
It is the manager who calls the shots in our company.

38. Charity begins at home
For all politicians these days, charity begins at home.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

39. Clear the deck
The Principal asked the students to clear the deck for the welcome of the Chief Guest at the Annual Function of the school.

40. Close-fisted person
He is a close-fisted person and won’t give you any money.

41. Coin money
He is coining money from his new business.

42. Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth
If you don’t want to get into debt, always cut your coat according to your cloth.

43. Dark horse
The lean and thin boy proved a dark horse when he won the long-distance race.

44. To go to the dogs
His business has gone to the dogs and his family is starving.

45. Down to earth
My approach to life is always down to earth.

46. A dead language
Sanskrit is now a dead language.

47. Die by inches
The poor old man died by inches.

48. Do a good turn
Try to do a good turn every day.

49. To give ear
Give ear to what I am saying.

50. To make both ends meet
It is very difficult for the poor to make both ends meet these days.

51. To end in smoke
All my efforts to reform him have ended in smoke.

52. An eye-opener
You should take your failure as an eye-opener.

53. Now start working hard. Early bird
She is an early bird and goes for a morning walk.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

54. To lose face
As a result of his mistakes, he has lost face in his office.

55. To save face
She was dismissed, but she saved face by telling everyone that she had resigned.

56. Face-to-face
I came face-to-face with a burglar when I opened the door of my house.

57. To find fault with
We should not find fault with others.

58. With flying colours
Those who work hard always come off with flying colours in their exams.

59. To foot the bill
Who will foot the bill of this party ?

60. Tooth and nail
We shall oppose the new taxes tooth and nail.

61. To gain ground
Madhuri is gaining ground in her popularity day-by-day.

62. To throw out of gear
Life was thrown out of gear because of the floods.

63. To grind one’s teeth
She grinds her teeth when she is asleep.

64. To grease the palm
In India, you can have anything done by greasing the palm.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

65. Go up in flames
The whole house went up in flames with a cracker.

66. A hen-pecked husband
He is a hen-pecked husband; his wife leads him by the nose.

67. A Herculean task
It is a Herculean task to bring up one’s children these days.

68. To lay hands on
No one can dare to lay hands on our soil.

69. To take heart
He took heart, tried again, and was successful.

70. To take to one’s heels
On seeing the policeman, the thief took to his heels.

71. Hard and fast
There are no hard and fast rules of reading a book.

72. To hush up
The minister tried to hush up the bad acts of his son.

73. Ins and outs
He quickly learnt all the ins and outs of his father’s business.

74. Ill at ease
Phatik felt ill at ease at his uncle’s house.

75. To keep an eye on
We requested our neighbours to keep an eye on our house while we were away.

76. To look sharp
Look sharp, or you will miss the train.

77. In a nutshell
Tell me the whole story in a nutshell.

PSEB 10th Class English Vocabulary Idioms

78. To cry over spilt milk
It is no use crying over spilt milk.

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