Lezium Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Lezium Game Rules.

Lezium Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Write down the measurement of lezium and its types.
Lezium consists of a wooden handle of 16″ to 18″ in length with an iron chain fixed at both ends of the wooden handle and a rod of 15 cm (6″) in the middle. The iron chain contains iron plates in each ring which produces rhythmic and jingling sound when the lezium is in use. The weight of the whole apparatus is between 1 3/4 to 2 lbs.

Lezium Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Types of Lezium:
Lezium Skand, Aram, Husshyar, Pavitra, Char Awaj, Ek Jagah, Aidi Lagala, Starting position, Do Rukh, Age Shlang, Peechhe Shlang.

Lezium Skand:
In this position, lezium is kept on right shoulder. In this position, lezium is like egg position, and the wooden handle is remain behind and the chain of iron remain in front of the body.
Lezium Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 1
In this position, iron chain kept in a right hand and hanging in left hand when a student is remain in husshyar position the order of aram is given.

Before starting of the Lezium, student should come in husshyar position. This position is kept when the lezium is on the shoulder. This exercise is performed by counting two on counting one, the iron chain and on counting two the lezium should be kept up to left shoulder and bring it in front of the chest with left hand. Wooden handle is race iron chain in the right hand and pull towards the body. After this exercise, came into the first position.

This position is obtain from the Skand position. Keeping front left knee is little bend, bring the right foot behind the body. The weight should be on the left toe and push toward the floor. The remain straight chest and head must be raised upward. In this position, left leg must be towards the right and lezium should be in husshyar position.

Char Awaj:
In the starting of husshyar position on counting one keep the knee straight and bend the body, take the first stock near the feet in this position. Wrist goes out side and the handle of the lezium become parallel to the body, one counting to range the body up and snatch the iron chain from the wooden handle.

In the position, lezium will be on waist, on counting three and in a first position. The wooden handle should be moved to the right side and right hand should be in front of the body. On counting four, wooden handle should be taken in front of mouth, which we can see through the lezium.

Ek Jagah:
In the exercise, in counting four rotate the lezium in a round left to right after this next four counting should be repeated from left side.

Adha Lagao:
In this exercise, all the eight counting must be repeated and foot movement should be performed on char awaj. The left leg should be brought to the right leg and the left toe .. should be brought to right, the thumb should be kept between the finger.

Starting position:
In this position, rotating the back Char awaj should be performed four times. In coming first position, the exercise rotate the body from left side and lezium should be in front of the chest. In keeping the taal on counting four rotate the body in fast position. By doing this exercise, arm should be rotate in circle motion.

Do Rukh:
This exercise consist of eight counting and pavitra is N starting position just counting three. It will be like pavitra on counting four in a opposite direction from the left position. In a quick motion, perform four on counting five, rotate the lezium upward to down ward from left toe to right toe. Char awaj perform on counting six. It should be like to on counting seven take the Pavitra position, and char awaj take three counting. On counting eight, it should be like first position.

Lezium Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Aage Shalang:
This is the exercise of ten counting. Starting position is of pavitra, on counting one, bending forward near the left toe to the char awaj should be done. When taking left foot is completed on counting three, right foot should be forwarded like near the left foot, char awaj should be perform. In this way, left toe is done up on counting five, char awaj to be perform.

Taking six and seven stock with the left lezium should be nearer and foot should be kept in pavitra position. On counting eight, char awaj should be performed on counting nine, bending forward char awaj must be one stock. On counting ten, raise the body by farming char awaj and return to pavitra position.

Peechhe Shalang:
In this exercise, counting should be in ten, starting position must be a pavitra perform. The char awaj near the left toe on counting. In second and third, rotate to right and make two perform. In opposite direction, perform char awaj on four counting four times. Six and seven rotate from left foot keeping the right foot behind, on counting eight perform the char awaj, in this position student should be in pavitra position while counting nine char awaj should be performed.

Forward Bend:
On counting one, keep the right foot ahead. Bend on right side and open the lezium in same position. On counting two, raise the right foot up to three inches and by bending forward, lezium should be close on counting three, keep the left foot ahead and repeat the counting one. In this way, the exercise should be performed.

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