Gattka Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Gattka Game Rules.

Gattka Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Write down about the plateform, dress and duration of GATTKA.

  • Plateform: Gattka ring is round in size of 7 1/2 m radius.
  • Dress: Competitors may wear Jercy or shirt but must have Patka on his head.
  • Size of Gattka: It is made of Baint, (some sort of Bamboo) and three feet in length from its handle.
  • Duration of Bout: One round of five minutes.

Gattka Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
Discuss the Draw, Bye and Walkover in Gattka.
Draw, Bye and Walkover:
1. A draw shall be made for all players after taking the name of the players A,B,C,D,E.

2. Player bearing A will,play against the name of A in a bout.

3. In those competitions in which there are more than four competitors a different number shall be drawn in the first series to reduce the number of competitors in the second series.

4. The player who gets a bye in the first series shall be the first to fight Bout in the second series. If there is an odd number of Byes, the player with the last bye shall compete in the second series against the winners of the first bout in the first series.

5. No player can receive a bye in the first series and a walkover in the second or two consecutive walk overs. In case such a position arises a fresh draw shall be made of the competitors still in the competition to provide opponents to those competitors who have already received bye walk over in the preceeding series.
Gattka Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 1

Question 3.
Draw the table of Drawing bout and Byes of Twenty Teams
Gattka Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education 2
TABLE: Drawing Bouts and Byes No of Entries Bouts Byes-

No of Enteries Bouts Byes
5 1 3
6 2 2
7 3 1
8 4
9 1 7
10 2 6
11 3 5
12 4 4
13 5 3
14 6 2
15 7 1
16 8
17 2 15
18 2 14
19 3 13
20 4 12

Gattka Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 4.
Write about the competition of Gattka.
Competitions of Gattka-

1. Limitations of Competitors:
Only five competitors are allowed to participate in a competition

2. First Draw:
If two members of the same team are being drawn together in a series and if one of them wishes to withdraw in favour of the other, a fresh draw will be made

3. Withdrawal:
If a competitor wants to withdraw from the competition after the draw has been made the official-in-charge will report to the organiser.

4. Retirement:
If any competitor wants to retire from the competition due to any reason, he will have to-inform the official-in-charge.

5. Byes:
Byes that arrive after the first series shall be spared for specified time with an opponent approved by the official-in-charge.

Question 5.
Who control the bout of Gattka?
Bout Control:

1. All competitions and contests shall be controlled by a referee, three Judges, a time keeper. The referee shall sit in the ring when the number of Judges is less than three. The referee shall complete the scoring paper. The exhibition bouts shall be controlled by referee.

2. The time keeper shall be seated on one side of the plateform while the Judges on the remaining three sides. The seats shall be replaced as to offer a satisfactory view of bouts.

Gattka Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 6.
How the points are awarded in Gattka?
Awarding of Points:

  • In all competitions the Judges shall award points.
  • The points shall be recorded on the scoring paper at the end of each bout and totalled. Fractions cannot be taken into account.
  • Each Judge must declare a winner and sign his scoring paper as well as signed on all the scoring slips.

1. The competitor who strikes his opponent the greater number of touch with Gattka he will get the same number of points his touching on the head is awarded two points.

2. If the points to each competitors at the end of the bout is equal, the Judge will award the decision in favour of the competitor who has touched the opponent’s head more time of in the opinion of Judge both the competitors are equal in other aspects also, he will favour the competitor who has shown the better defence.

Stopping the bout:

  • When a referee is of the opinion that a competitor, due to some injury cannot continue the bout, he stops the bout in such cases, the rival player is declared the winner.
  • The referee has the right to stop the bout.
  • In all bouts, any competitor who fails to start the bout where there is time loss loses the bout.

Suspected foul: If the referee suspects that foul which he has not seen clearly soon he can consult the Judges and give the decision accordingly.

Question 7.
Write the fouls of Gattka.

  • Hitting with elbow
  • Hitting deliberately on the back of the neck or head.
  • Striking a competitor when he is down.
  • Holding the competitors.
  • Lying on with head or body.
  • Roughing
  • Shouldering
  • Wrestling
  • Double blows to the ear
  • Intentionally falling down without any reason.

Important Information about the Gattka Game

  • Shape of Gattka platform = Round
  • Circumference of platform = 30”, 20 c.m.
  • Length of Gattka Stick = 3’.3”, 100 c.m.
  • Weight of Gattka Stick = 500
  • Gattka made of =Bant
  • Thickness of Gattka = 1/2 to 3/4, 2 c.m. to 3 c.m.
  • Duration of Bout = 3 minutes 1 1/2,1 1/2 min (two half)
  • Dress of players = Jersey or Shirt, Patka on head
  • Officials of bout = Referee Council & Two Technical Officials, One Judge, One Scorer,One Time Keeper.
  • There are seven players in Gattka team in which five participate and two are substitutes.
  • Gattka ring in round in size of 7 1/2 m of radius.
  • The length of the Gattka is three feet from and three meter its handle which is made of Baint
  • The duration of Gattka Bout is three minutes.
  • There are three Judges and one Referee to conduct the bout.

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