Diving Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Diving Game Rules.

Diving Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Describe the rules of Diving?
Special Rules for Diving
1. All diving competitions at the international level shall be subject to the regulations of the FINA.

2. The spring board, the fixed boards and all diving installations shall be in accordance with the present regulations, and shall be tested and approved by the delegates of the FINA prior to the start of the competition.

3. All diving centres shall be available to the listed competitors for use at least eight days before the competition. On the day of the competition, the diving centres shall remain open for training when no contest is in progress.

4. The order of starting shall be decided by lot.

5. The drawing by lot shall be public and the place and time of such drawing shall be announced along with that of the contest.

6. If the number of dives in one diving competition is excessive, the competition shall be divided into several groups of dives in order to ensure that the number of dives in any one group does not exceed 210.

7. Before the start of each dive, the referee or the official announcer shall announce in the language of the country the name of the competitor, and the type of dive he is going to execute.

8. The number of the dives to be performed and the manner of execution shall be displayed on an indicator board, visible’to both divers and judges. The dive to be executed shall not be announced until the diver has taken his position on the board or platform.

9. The dive shall be executed after the referee has given signal. If a competitor dives before the signal he shall repeat the dive.

10. Only listed dives shall be executed.

11. Each competitor shall deliver to the diving secretary four copies of a complete statement of the dives selected on an official form written in ink, or typewritten, not less than 24 hours before the date of each competition. This list should be in English or French language. If any other language is used, the competitor shall have to attach along with a translated version in English or French, for the accuracy of which he is entirely responsible in accordance with Rule 13.

The following details shall be given on this form:

  • The group, the number and the denomination of each dive according to the FINA diving list.
  • The manner of take-off (running or standing), only for highboard contests.
  • The execution of dive-(a) straight, (b) with pike, (c) with tuck.
  • The height of the board or platform.
  • The degree of difficulty.

12. Like voluntary dives, the required dives shall not be repeated, and all dives of the same number shall be deemed as the same dive.

13. The competitors shall follow the list of dives, and the dives shall be executed in the order listed on the diving forms by the competitors. Once the closing date has passed, as provided in Rule No. 11, no change shall be permitted in the dives to be performed. Each competitor is entirely responsible for the accuracy of the statements in the list.

14. A competitor is not admitted to the competition unless the list is submitted in time.

15. The referee shall examine the list. In case the statement is not in accordance with the rules, he shall decide before the start of the competition as to whether or how the statement can be corrected. The competitor must be informed of the referee’s decision immediately or at least one hour before the competition.

16. All dives shall be executed by the divers themselves with no assistance from any other person. Any assistance in dives is not allowed.

Diving Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
What are the rules for the execution of the Dive?
Rules for the Execution of the dive
Dives shall be executed on the following principles:

1. The starting position shall be free and unaffected. The approach to the starting position shall not be taken into consideration.

2. In the starting position, the competitor stands on the front end of the board or platform, with his body straight, head erect, arms straight and to the sides or above the head. The arm swing commences when the arms leave the starting position. If a competitor fails to assume the correct standing position, each judge shall deduct 1 to 3 points from his award.

The starting position of a running dive shall be assumed when the diver is ready to take the first step of the run. Forward take-off dives from the spring board may be performed either standing or running on the opinion of the diver. A prior declaration of the manner of take-off is not essential. The judge shall award points for a standing dive keeping in view the height and standard of execution.

3. The run should be smooth, straight and unhesitant. In a running dive from the spring board or platform the diver shall take at least four steps, including the take-off from one or both feet. If the diver takes less than four steps, one referee shall deduct two points from the award of each judge.

4. The take-off shall be bold, quite high and confident. In running dive, the take-off from the spring board shall be from both feet simultaneously, but from fixed boards the take-off may be from one foot only. While executing a standing dive, the diver shall not bounce on the board before the take-off.

While executing a running dive, the diver shall not be permitted to stop his run before the end of the board and to make more than one jump on the same spot before the final take-off. If a competitor, preparing for the take-off in backward dives, lifts his feet slightly off the board, it shall not be taken as a bounce but as an involuntary movement, but the judges may make a deduction from their awards according to individual opinion.

If in a dive, the diver touches the end of the board, or dives to the side of the direct line of flight, it indicates, no matter how well the dive may have been executed, that he was quite close to the heal’d for proper execution. Each judge shall decide about the deduction of awards according to his individual opinion.

If, in an Arm Stands Dive, a steady balance in the straight position is not shown, the judges shall deduct 1 to 3 points from the award. If the diver loses his balance of mind and reattempts the dive, he shall receive 2 points less. In case of a strong wind, the referee may give all divers the right to make a second attempt without deduction of points.

5. In all flying somersault dives, a straight position should be clearly shown for nearly half a somersault.

6. In straight dives with one half or full twist, the twisting should not manifestly be done from the board. In pike dives with twist, the twist must not be started until there has been a marked pike position. In somersault dives with twist, the twist may be performed at any time during the dive at the opinion of the diver.

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  1. In case of any dispute, the protest, in writing, shall be given to the referee.
  2. Protest, the reason of which is already known, shall be lodged before the test of the contest.
  3. No protest can be lodged in respect of marking by the judges.
  4. Decisions regarding protests shall be given by the Jury.
  5. Protest against incidents not covered by these regulations shall be referred to the International Diving Committee of FINA which shall consider them at the earliest.

Diving Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Information About the Diving Game

  1. The arrangement for diving in the deep side of the swimming pool by erecting a board is made.
  2. The order of starting is decided by lot.
  3. All dives are made without a person’s help.
  4. It is essential to get one’s name notified for diving well in time.
  5. The participation only in listed dives is permitted.

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